This blog is dedicated to The Lord Jesus Christ for HIS glory and not for the glory of ANY arm of flesh.

Truth has not taken a back seat to the homily that is preached from theĀ  pulpits of today. It has in fact been cast to the trash heap of worldly contempt, because of the pure light of righteousness.

Evil as we know it, has not just suddenly appeared, it has always been present and with the embracing of the dark veil of deception, that the beguiled masses have accepted, the ugliness of vile practices have been made acceptable to the deceived.

Making us a nation of people, de-void of morals and right standing with the Creator. Why we all have not fallen into the decay of pure decadence, shows that there are some who are standing in the gap, pleading for the mercies of GOD, and more time to remove the present stench of our practices, back to a sweet savor of conscience living and acknowledgement that a power greater than ourselves (The One True GOD) has always existed and must be honored above the things of this world.